Masterclasses – 9th – 19th July 2021

International masterclasses (daily lessons)


9th July Opening ceremony

7:00 PM Opening ceremony at the University Center patio.

8:00 PM Welcome pizza party for students.

10th July Individual classes 9-12 AM, 2-6 PM


11th July Baroque music interpretation workshop

2:00 – 5:00 PM Workshop led by Mr. Vojtěch Spurný (in the NPÚ hall).

12th July Individual classes 9-12 AM, 2-6 PM

7:00 – 8:00 PM lecture „How to practice effeciently“ (strings) – in Czech

8:00 – 9:00 PM lecture „How to practice effeciently“ (strings) – in English

13th July Outdoor concert

7:30 PM Outdoor concert at the patio (courtyard) of the University Center in Telč.

14th July Evening concert of Bardolino ensemble 

6:30 PM Evening concert of violinist Pavel Fischer’s ensemble Bardolino at the hall of Panský dvůr Telč.

15th July Vernissage of string instruments and bows
in the library of the University Center

2:00 – 5:00 PM For students of string instruments, with the possibility to try, borrow and buy an instrument or bow.

16th July  Tour of the UNESCO sights in the Vysočina Region

7:00 PM Gala concert of selected participants in the historic auditorium of the Třebíč Chateau. In cooperation with the Vysočina Region Museum, Třebíč.

17th July  Lectors’ Gala Concert 

7:00 PM Gala concert of academy’s lectors in St. Jacob’s Church, Telč followed by gala dinner at the University Center.

8:00 PM Final farewell of professors and students at the University Center.

18th July  Best participants’ Gala Concert 

5:00 PM Evening concert of students in the Nová Říše abbey, part of a journey through the historic sites of the region.

19th July Departure by bus from Telč to Prague at 8:00 AM (arrival to Prague approx. at 10:30 AM)

Under the financial support of The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
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