Masterclasses – 8th – 17th July 2023

International masterclasses (daily lessons)


8th July Opening ceremony

2:30 PM Bus departure from Prague to Telč (transport included in the course fee)

8:30 PM Opening ceremony at the University Center patio.

9th July Individual classes 9-12 AM, 2-6 PM


10th July Individual classes 9-12 AM, 2-6 PM

8:00 – 9:00 PM lecture „Preparing for orchestra auditions“ – in English

11th July Outdoor concert

7:30 PM Outdoor concert at the patio (courtyard) of the University Center in Telč.

12th July  Tour of the UNESCO sights in the Vysočina Region

7:00 PM Gala concert of selected participants in the historic auditorium of the Třebíč Chateau. In cooperation with the Vysočina Region Museum, Třebíč.

13th July Workshop: Yoga for musicians

4:00 – 5:00 PM Workshop led by violinist and multi-genre musician, Mr. Pavel Fischer (in the NHI hall)

7:00 PM Students’ concert in the NHI hall

14th July  Lectors’ Gala Concert 

7:00 PM Gala concert of academy’s lectors at Panský dvůr Telč, followed by gala dinner at the University Center.

15th July Concert in cooperation with the Vysočina Region and the South Bohemian Region

7:00 PM Concert of selected participants of the academy at the castle Stráž nad Nežárkou

16th July  Best participants’ Gala Concert 

5:00 PM Evening concert of students in the Nová Říše abbey, part of a journey through the historic sites of the region.

8:00 PM Final farewell of professors and students at the University Center.

17th July Departure by bus from Telč to Prague at 8:00 AM (arrival to Prague approx. at 10:30 AM)


Under the financial support of The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
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