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an allgic action (diiculty bathing; closing th thoat; swlling th lips, tongu, ac; hivs); v; ast igula hatbats; anxity, hallucinations, conusion, agitation, hypactivity, loss consciousnss; sizus; y pain; a ash.

Nonanticholingic antipakinson agnts should b considd ist whn tating Pakinson Disas (Bs Citia)

Sinc ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) has paasympatholytic activity, it should b usd with caution in patints with glaucoma, obstuctiv disas th gastointstinal gnitouinay tacts, and in ldly mals with possibl postatic hyptophy. Incipint glaucoma may b pcipitatd by paasympatholytic dugs such as ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) .

Gt mdical hlp ight away i you hav any vy sious sid cts, including: chst pain, sv dizzinss/ainting, high v, ast/igula/slow hatbat, mntal/mood changs (.g., conusion, hallucinations, mmoy poblms), artane bipolar disorder pain/swlling/dnss, vision changs (such as sing ainbows aound lights at night).

Abupt withdawal tatmnt pakinsonism may sult in acut xacbation pakinsonism symptoms; tho, abupt withdawal should b avoidd (s DOSAG AND ADMINISTATION )

ATAN (tihxyphnidyl HCl) is a synthtic antispasmodic dug availabl in th ollowing oms:

ATAN (tihxyphnidyl HCl) artane bipolar disorder a synthtic antispasmodic dug availabl in th ollowing oms:

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You should sk mdical advic in lation tmdicins and us only as dictd by a halthca possional.

an allgic action (diiculty bathing; closing th thoat; artane bipolar disorder th lips, tongu, ac; artane bipolar disorder); v; ast igula hatbats; anxity, hallucinations, conusion, agitation, hypactivity, loss consciousnss; sizus; y pain; a ash.

Concunt us artane bipolar disorder oth CNS dpssants with ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) artane bipolar disorder caus incasd sdativ cts.

Saty and ctivnss in pdiatic patints hav not bn stablishd. (S alsADVS ACTIONS. )

I you xpinc any th ollowing sious sid cts, stop taking Atan and sk mgncy mdical attntion contact you doctimmdiatly:

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