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Baclon is usd ttat muscl symptoms causd by multipl sclosis, including spasm, pain, and stinss.

Gnic Nam: baclon (BAK ln) Band Nams: Liosal, Liosal Intathcal, Gablon, IST Baclon.

Tak baclon xactly as pscibd by you docto. ollow all dictions on you psciption labl. You doctmay occasionally chang you dos tmak su you gt th bst sults. Dnot us this mdicin in lag baclofen how much to take amounts long than commndd.

Patint slction is impotant whn initiating baclon thapy; it is baclofen how much to take tb most bnit in patints whos spasticity constituts a handicap tactivitis and/physiothapy. Tatmnt should not b commncd until th spastic stat has bcom stabilizd.

Bhaving sugy, tll you doctdntist about all th poducts you baclofen how much to take (including psciption dugs.

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Baclon should b usd with caution wh spasticity is utilizd tsustain upight postu and balanc in locomotion whnv spasticity is utilizd tobtain incasd unction. In patints with pilpsy, th clinical stat and lctoncphalogam should baclofen how much to take monitod at gula intvals, sinc dtioation in sizu contol and G hav bn potd occasionally in patints taking baclon.

Th us dinks that contain alcohol can baclofen how much to take you isk dowsinss om baclon. I you dink alcohol, talk tyou docto.

Using baclon may incas you isk dvloping an ovaian cyst. Talk with you doctabout you spciic isk.

Baclon USP is a whit to-whit, odolss pactically odolss cystallin powd. It is slightly solubl in wat, vy slightly solubl in mthanol and insolubl in chlooom.

DA pgnancy catgoy C. It is not known whth baclon will ham baclofen how much to take unbon baby. Tll you docti you a pgnant plan tbcom pgnant whil using baclofen how much to take mdication.

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