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Duing thapy and until hald, actd skin is likly tappa noticably dint om nomal skin. Buy aldara generic buy aldara generic actions a common but ths actions gnally dcas in intnsity duing thapy solv at cssation imiquimod cam thapy. Th is an association btwn th complt claanc at and th intnsity local skin actions (.g. ythma). Ths local skin actions may b latd tth stimulation local immun spons. I quid by th patint’s discomot th intnsity th local skin action, a st piod sval days may b takn. Tatmnt with imiquimod cam can b sumd at th skin action has modatd.

Avoid gtting Aldaa in you ys, mouth, and nos, on you lips. Dnot buy aldara generic th cam in you ctum, vagina, utha. I it buy aldara generic gt intany ths aas, ins with wat. Dnot us Aldaa on sunbund, windbund, dy, chappd, iitatd, bokn skin.

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Indicatd topical tatmnt clinically typical, nonhypkatotic, nonhyptophic actinic katoss on th ac scalp in immunocomptnt adults.

Th numb tims Aldaa is applid and th duation tatmnt dpnd on th condition bing tatd.

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Aldaa should not b usd in childn with molluscum contagiosum du tlack icacy in this indication (s sction 5.1).

Actinic katosis lsions that hav clad at on twcouss tatmnt and subsquntly cu can b -tatd with on twuth couss Aldaa cam ollowing an at last 12 wks tatmnt paus (s sction 5.1).

Gnital/anal wats a causd by a vius calld human papillomavius (HPV). Sinc imiquimod dos not dstoy th vius but only hlps tliminat th wat, nw wats may om, vn whil you a bing tatd. You may alsb abl tinct any sxual patn whcoms intcontact with th aas skin inctd with HPV.

Th appovd indications gnital wats, actinic katosis and supicial basal cll cacinoma a conditions not gnally sn within th padiatic buy aldara generic and w not studid.

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